Christmas Gatherings

Happy Yule! If you are bummed about cancelled plans due to travel bans, quarantines or anything else from ongoing pandemics, we have the solution for you! Okay it might not fix all your problems but at least you will have something to do on Christmas day. We have created a form ( where you can fill in your availability. You can sign up either as a host or as a guest, depending on whether you can/want to host people at your place. This way we will match prospective hosts to enthusiastic guests and ensure everyone has a very merry Christmas.

For hosts, you will be able to get some reimbursement if you buy snacks, drinks or dinner for your guests. Details on how much this is and how to get it will follow, but it’s good to know if you’re on a tight budget. We’ve got you covered 🙂

In the form there is also a question where you can give your idea of a Christmas celebration, so we can make sure you’re not grouped with someone thinking of a 4-course meal while you just want to drink Glühwein and chill. That said, we’re sure any group will be able to figure out how to have a jolly time together!

Lastly of course we are paying attention to COVID-19 measures, as such we will not be forming groups larger than 5 (1 host + 4 guests). We also encourage taking a self-test before meeting up with anyone, and staying home if you have any flu-like symptoms.

We’re excited to see what groups we can form, and hope you are as excited to do something for Christmas!


We are organising International Midweek again From the 6th of April till the 10th of April all sorts of activities will be organised to introduce you to the international organisations in Nijmegen. So if you are an internationally minded student, this is the perfect week for you!🌎