What is ISON?

ISON is the umbrella organisation for the international student organisations in Nijmegen. Our purpose is to stimulate internationalisation among students of Nijmegen. This happens through cooperation between international student organisations. This process is open for both Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences.

Another role of ISON is representation in the University Student Council (USR). Representation of member organisations and international students.

Currently there are six member associations of ISON: AEGEE-Nijmegen, AIESEC Nijmegen, IFMSA-Nijmegen, Radboud International Students, United Netherlands, Meet and Eat, and ESN Nijmegen. The organisations are very diverse, but they share one common interest: International orientation. ISON is convinced that an international experience enriches your life. For example through broadening your perspective and your world.

ISON is the platform for everyone with the desire to go abroad during their studies, for all foreign students, and for all those sharing a global view on the world. Radboud University and HAN University of Applied Sciences are more than just isolated islands: they are a part of a global network of students and scientists. This broad orientation is illustrated by the diverse nature of the ISON member organisations. That diversity, with its broadly shared view, is what makes us strengthen one another, just like different cultures can profit from each other in various ways.

It is important to always have a representative in the University Student Council who maintains a focus on internationalisation, regardless of the many other relevant subjects that need discussing. ISON makes sure that students will always have a say in internationalisation at our university and can determine priorities themselves. This way, ISON represents the various interests of both international and Dutch students and is at the same time a reliable, constructive partner to the university.

If you are interested in joining the ISON board, feel free to contact us.