ISON has a seat in the University Student Council (USC). The Council reflects the structure of the Radboud University: eight members are elected directly by the students, while six other members represent study associations (SOFv), social clubs (B.O.S.), Christian unions (CSN), sporting clubs (NSSR), cultural associations (CODC) and international organisations (ISON).

In consultation with the Works Council and the University’s Governing Body, the Student Council contributes to the policy of the Radboud University. The Student Council serves the interests of students and devotes its efforts to promoting policies that are as student-friendly as possible. Every six weeks or so, the Councils participate in a General Assembly, whose main purpose is to discuss various topics. The topics that are discussed vary from the financial state and strategic plans to all sorts of measures that affect students, employees, education or research departments.

Next to participating in the General Assembly, the Student Council develops its own initiatives within task forces. A task force focuses on a solution for a problem that needs specific attention. The task forces that are active this year are: Active Student, Campus & Sustainability, Education & IT, Well-being & Inclusion and Visibility & Relations.

Are you still curious about the University Student Council and do you want to know more? Do you have ideas or an opinion that should be heard by the Student Council?

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