Board X

The current executive board 2021/2022 of ISON is the 10th board to take on the task of promoting the interests of internationals and internationally minded student organisation. The current challenges coming with the Corona-crisis offer many possibilities. Especially regarding the rights of students during such a crisis, same as the wellbeing of internationals during this time.

Christopher Sambre – President

Eva Hardege has had vast experience living and changing the lives of internationals for the better. Together with Gina Adena, she was in the board of ESN Nijmegen in more practical, hands-on organisation of students’ lives and inclusion. This year she decided to increase her efforts and focus on structural implementations on the highest level.

Ciska Korff – Secretary

Tobias has been an active member of Nijmegen’s student life as well. He intends to bring people together on a personal level, an especially difficult challenge during this year.

Yusuf Mukadam – Treasurer/Head of Activities

Céline has been active in Babylon (a local study organisation) for several years. Her organisation talent for events is being brought in to create platforms on which the international student organisastions can interact with one another, exchange their ideas, and get in touch with different cultures. She is also the only Dutch member of the ISON board this year.

Romy Bardoel – Political Chair

Gina has been an active member in Nijmegen’s student life together with Eva. She aims to keep international students’ interests in the loop in the internal student council of Radboud University, and defend the rights and equality of everyone coming to Nijmegen to study.

Serena Leandi – Public Relations Manager